Network Management Services:

TechnoFerry provides all-inclusive Network Management solutions to our customers. We offer our clients access to technological solutions that are explicitly intended to cater to your distinctive business needs without all the intricacy, obscurity and expense.

Our aim is to prevent all possible concerns and setbacks, so as to maintain uninterrupted productivity. Provided that problems do present themselves, we will get back to you within minutes.

Our services include:

  • Network infiltration test and detection of security vulnerabilities.
  • Evaluation of existing security policy including physical safety and admission.
  • Complete inspection of your firewall.
  • Assessment of technology arrangement with reference to finest practices.
  • Recognition of current practical issues and their effect on the system.
  • Current managed IT services scheme.


Network Security:

We understand that maintaining a secure network is of significant importance to your business operations. TechnoFerry’s team helps you secure your websites and keep them that way. We clean up hacked websites, identify the source of the problem, and help site owners improve their security.

  • Website security: Threats that could instantaneously compromise your enterprise system are growing by the minute. It has reached to the point that it is almost impossible to identify and neutralize all of them in time on your own. We obstruct countless identified attacks, and we revise our procedures regularly to make sure even the most recent hits are stopped immediately.
  • Verification Strategies: We’ll recommend you the best approach to securely validate and supervise customer. So, you don’t need to worry even if you have multiple users browsing your site.
  • Updates and Patch Management: Obsolete software is very susceptible to digital hazards without proper safeguarding. But, regular updates can quickly become dreary. TechnoFerry takes over and simplifies the process of updates and patches, without you ever having to bother.  
  • Vulnerability Scans: TechnoFerry constantly monitors your system keeping an eye out for hazards and hacking attempts. In our hands, your site will never be hacked again. We robotically examine for, and repair, hacking efforts on your site.

Repair hacks: In the event that your website is hacked, we will assist you to identify the cause and restore the original contents of your website.