“Computers deliver mail on the drop of the hat.”

When my primary school teacher was teaching facts about computers, I used to imagine computers as post office where postman were running to deliver mails. I was so curious to see computers that I decided to walk a distance of three hours with my grandma to go to a bank just to have a sight of computer. But, due to my height, I could just see tiny holes on back side of the CRT monitor and hear the sound produced by printers which I thought was the strange language used in computer. Since my childhood, I have been so excited about technology that I broke my first watch to find whether the second hand could rotate outside the clock. My family member used to blame me for malfunctioning of electric home appliances due to my habit of opening up everything with my screw-driver.

As I grew, my curiosity towards technology increased with my age. My family shifted to Kathmandu, and I got a new school where computer was taught. On my first day on the lab, I was surprised seeing computers without any holes sound. I then got a PC at my home which helped me to become ahead of my friends on the skills of word processing, painting, etc.

In my ninth year at school, my concept towards computing was changed. My Computer teacher Mr. Divya Panta made me realize that Computing is all about information. I learned programming using QBASIC. I felt like programming was best part of Computing. My mom started complaining me, working on computers till midnight. When I was able to find out the accurate output of programs written by teachers on the board, my friends used to call me “interpreter”.

After matriculation, I decided to study A-Levels because it had the best syllabus of Computing among the Intermediate courses available in Nepal. I learned some advanced concepts of computing, and most of all, I got chance to involve in two information system development projects. On my second project, which I developed Reservation Processing System in, for Hotel Ashoka, I got chance to experience how real software are built and how difficult it is to meet all the demands of end users. I found software development as the most challenging job.

I want to gain such degree that would enable me to contribute something towards my nation and improve the economic condition of my family. I want to work in the field I am interested in. I have realized that Software Engineering would be the best course for me since I am too much interested in Software Development and the development in the sectors of Information Technology. In addition, the growing demand of Software Engineers shows the economic opportunities in this field. So, considering all these factors, I decided to choose Software Engineering as my major for Undergraduate Studies.

Some more facts about study of Software Engineering or other IT related subjects:

  1. You don’t need to have a license or a degree to start working. Gain some knowledge in the area that interests you, and then start working.
  2. You can work any time you want from anywhere you want. Previously people liked government jobs because they wanted regular income and security. But, now we don’t like a job which needs tedious everyday hard work. We want to be our own boss.
  3. This field is ever growing. Gradually, it’s almost impossible to name any sector that does not require manpower like us.
  4. You do a job once, and it re-creates job for you. No software is ever complete, once a client asks you to do a job, it is sure that s/he will come back to you regularly for upgrade and maintenance.
  5. All you need to start your own business is sufficient knowledge and a computer. Yes, that’s it.

In spite of all these opportunities, I strongly discourage you to join this field if technology does not excite you. The first and most important requirement is interest. And remember, programming is just one-fourth of any software development process; you will be expected to have excellent social skills, good logic and be willing to explore any other sector. Though we study Engineering skills, we will be expected to work in variety of sectors. You might have to work for hospital, banks, environmental organization, media companies, or simply anywhere.

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